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DiveBan - ban-system for cs 1.6. AMXX plugin that need to block access on server Counter Strike 1.6 for a while. Most players can't detour ban with:

  • Change Name\SteamID\IP
  • Clear\Block configs
  • Reinstall CS
  • Use Guard, or other type of protector
  • Use VPN.
In november 2017 DiveBan will be 3 years old,but already now ban-system reach high indicators in sphere of blocking, sync, optimize. And continue to reach new indicators.

DiveBan provide

  • Flag for main admin\ vice admin
  • Ban players with reason and time
  • Change ban message in console of player.
  • Put your reasons and times in .ini file.
  • Sync with CS:Bans.
  • Ban players that disconnect from server (Offlain ban).
  • Full change the ban messages and also freeze player, take screenshots etc
  • Ban with bantype or bantype provides by plugin automatically
  • Secret key for command clear banlist.

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  1. Server Counter-Strike 1.6.
  2. MySQL server.
  3. Web server with PHP.


  1. Unpack the archive into a folder cstrike.
  2. Open file plugins.ini in subfolder configs and add line Diveban.amxx.
  3. Open file diveban.ini in subfolder configs and edit him.
  4. Open file diveban.cfg in subfolder configs and edit him (data for connect to MySQL server).
  5. Unpack folder www to your webserver and edit diveban.cfg to add cookie ban support

Server commands

  • For anticheat: db_fban | time in min | #userid or ip | reason | (Only for server)
  • For open ban menu: db_banmenu.
  • For unban:db_unban | Name or UniqueID or SteamID or Ip |.
  • For Offlain ban: db_disconnect_menu .
  • For add Offlain ban: db_addban | SteamID, IP | | Time in Minutes | | Reason | .

Plans and offers

Last plugin version
Install help: 50rub
Price: 250 rub\server
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Require 3 or more server that you are owner
Free help with install plugin\website
Discount on plugin
Price: 175 rub\server
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