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CSRank - mode for cs 1.6.This amxx plugin add to your server weapon skins and level system that looks like csgo mode

The plugin is relatively new, in February 2018 it will be a year.The plugin is constantly updated and getting better.

CSRank provides

  • Level system.
  • Cases\Keys system.
  • Players can take skin when level up, or randomly per map.
  • Skins system.
  • You can edit skins models and skins types
  • Informer that you can modify.
  • Main admins can give keys, skins, exp, and more.
  • You can sell your skins for coins.
  • You can buy cases with coins.
  • Marketplace for players

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  1. Server Counter-Strike 1.6.
  2. MySQL server.


  1. Unpack the archive into a folder cstrike.
  2. Open file plugins.ini in subfolder configs and add line CSRank.amxx.
  3. Open file CSRank_items.ini in subfolder configs and edit him.
  4. Open file CSRank.cfg in subfolder configs and edit him (data for connect to MySQL server).

Plugin commands

  • Command csr_add_exp |Use: name or #userid exp_to_add (Only for main admins).
  • Command csr_add_skin |Use: name or #userid type:skin_id (Only for main admins).
  • Command csr_add_coins |Use: name or #userid |type:0 - coins,1-cases,2-keys| number to add.

Plans and offers

Last plugin version
Help with install: 50 rub
Plugin price: 250 rub\server
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Plugin price: 175 rub\server
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